3 dimensional measurements

On- site measurements of complex 3 dimensional shapes whether or not according to pre given CAD modelling, or the measurement of less complex, but spatially difficult to determine coordinates is one of our most used services.

Support in commissioning of installations is also part of our services, and long term engineering expertise allows installations to be commissioned within client specification.

Advantages in on-site measurement:
  • measurement in the actual environment
  • no disassembly required
  • little process disturbance
  • no transport costs
  • no labour charges due to transport
  • on the spot correction of measurement objective

Measurement examples:

  • products
  • production tooling
  • control tooling

Practical applications:
  • in existing production facilities, to ensure new parts are fully conformant to the existing production line
  • Sizing of mould tools, etc. in the user environment without disturbance of production line
  • Adjustment of complex drive mechanisms (where various couplings are in close proximity)


API lasertracker, tracker 3

Technical details
  • Measurement volume: sphere with radius of 70 meters
  • Absolute accuracy: 0.025 in 5 m.
for further specification detail, refer to manufacturers website : click here

Example of measurement report:

Bekijk het voorbeeld meetrapport

romer 100

Romer 100

Technical details
  • Meetvolume: bol van ca. 2,5 m , te verlengen tot cilinder van 2,5 x 5,5 m
  • Meetnauwkeurigheid: ca 0,07 mm


Report detail can offered in either Exel, Metrolog or powerinspect format. It may also be possible to offer the client’s format.

Example of measurement report:

Bekijk het voorbeeld meetrapport